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Winter on Bronzewing Farm
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Bronzewing Farm weather for last 3 days

Last 3 Days Weather

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Rain today

Time and date of last recorded rain:

3:52 PM on 2/8/2021

Rainfall in the last hour: 0.0 mm

Yesterday: 2.0 mm

Month: 4.1 mm

Long-term monthly average: 113.0 mm

Year to date: 614.2 mm

Long-term yearly average: 955 mm

Air Temperature

Today's temperatures

Current humidity (high-low): 97% (100-68%)

Apparent temperature: 6.2°C

Cattle heat stress load (THI): 50.2

Minimum temperature this month: -0.5°C

Maximum temperature this month: 18.0°C


24 hour windspeed and barometer

Average (last 10 min):
0.9 km/h from 207°

Gust (max. last 10 min):
4.1 km/h from 185°

Max today:
29.6 km/h NE @ 12:46 AM

Wind run today: 41.26 km

Soil Conditions

Soil temperature (10 cm deep)

24 hr average air temp (as reference): 8.0°C

Evapotranspiration so far today: 0.5 mm

Evapotranspiration yesterday: 0.2 mm

Evapotranspiration for the previous 7 days: 4.0 mm

Rainfall for the previous 7 days: 57.6 mm

Evapotranspiration for the month to date: 1.7 mm

Rainfall for the month to date: 4.1 mm

Greenhouse and Bee Hive

Vegetable greenhouse temperatures: Conditions in Greenhouse #2 Mountain pepper greenhouse temperatures: Conditions in Greenhouse #1 Honey Bee flowhive temperatures: Flow hive temperature

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